Our Story

I started making robots after my son, Max, decided he wanted to have a robot birthday party when he turned 4 and declared that I should make robots for all of his friends. I had never sewn before but I had a machine so I figured now would be the time to figure out how to use it. I bought some felt and some fleece and created 16 little handmade stuffed robots to give out in lieu of goodie bags.

As I was sewing, I realized I could make some really cool bots if I bought some nicer fabric, and from there I decided that the birthday boy needed an oversize, awesome robot of his own. Max went with me to the fabric store and helped design "Bot", the robot in our profile pic.

I guess people thought they were pretty neat, and my mom asked me to make a bunch for a craft fair at her job. "GinchyBots" was born after I invested in lots of fleece, flannel, and all the cool fabric remnants I could find. I sold out after the fair, and found myself with orders for 65 bots to be done for the holidays…within a month's time!

Each bot is made with love and care, and while people of all ages seem to enjoy them, they are constructed with little hands in mind…meaning they are sewn extra strong! No GinchyBot is complete until he or she is "hug tested" by our resident cuddlers; Max, Sadie and Abby. If they aren't cuddly enough for our critics, they aren't cuddly enough to be adopted!

Adopt A Bot

Please contact us at bots@ginchybots.com to adopt a bot!

Online store coming soon!