GinchyBots are handmade in my home and have not been tested to meet toy manufacturing standards. GinchyBots typically have button eyes and embellishments. It is not recommended that children under 3 play with the bots with button eyes due to choking concerns. These bots should be used for decoration only. Grinchies can be made with wool felt eyes upon request.


Please read before ordering.

Your order indicates that you have read and understand my policies, and understand our safety statement. All sales are final, however we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so please be sure to contact us with and concerns so we can fix it! While most orders will arrive to you much more quickly, please allow 1-2 weeks for your GinchyBot to arrive. You will receive notification of your shipment. Please note that there will be some variation from bot to bot since they are hand made. Your adopted bot will arrive with the same fabrics and colors as the bot in the photo, but understand that certain embellishments such as buttons or button sizes may vary. We like to think of them as birthmarks- everyone's are different!

For Custom Orders

We will work together to develop your design and I will not begin work until you have given approval. Please note that once you have approved your order, it will not be possible to make changes to the design, so clear communication is important. Be sure you understand the sizing of your robot. If you cannot envision the sizing of a robot or haven't seen one in person already, it is wise to use a ruler to draw out a rectangle in the various sizes offered and make your decision from there. Regular bots have a body size of approximately 6x9 inches, and large bots have a body size of approximately 10x14 inches.

Once we agree upon a design, understand that this is what you will receive. Because they are customized in design, custom order bots are final sale only as they cannot be returned to my stock. Of course, in the event that I make an error (ie, the wrong color, vastly different design from what we agreed upon, or incorrect size), I will assume full responsibility.

While I am usually pretty fast, please allow 6-8 weeks for custom orders to be completed. I do work full time and create my bots in my "free time" (ha!). I understand that you take a risk in placing a special order with me and I thank you for trusting that I will create something you will love!